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California Healthy Kids Survey

Grenada  participates in the administration of the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS)  in spring of each year.  Th CHKS is the largest statewide survey of resiliency, protective factors, and risk behaviors in the nation.GES 5th & 7th graders were surveyed. Each student’s participation is voluntary, anonymous, and confidential. The primary focus of the California Healthy Kids Survey was to assess student perceptions and experiences related to school climate and engagement, learning supports, and health-related, non-academic learning barriers (e.g., substance use, bullying and violence, and poor physical and mental health). 

School-wide Behavior Plan and Student/Parent Handbook

Grenada's K-8’s behavior plan is designed to ensure that each student has the opportunity to learn and be safe. Our aim is to develop responsibility, citizenship and respect for others. Parents are an important part of the plan! Also below is the Student/Parent Handbook to further help to learn about the community of the WILDCATS!.

Project Wisdom: Words of Wisdom

The centerpiece of the Project Wisdom program is a collection of thought-provoking messages designed to be read over the PA every morning for an entire school year.

Positive Behavior Incentives & Rewards

Education serves as the foundation for a democratic society.  An important goal of our school is to help children develop the qualities of self-discipline, responsibility and respect for others.  Our School believes that students have the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach.  For this to be accomplished, an effective learning atmosphere must be created.  This happens when parents, students and school staff work together cooperatively.

A large majority of our students demonstrate positive behavior at school.  We make an effort to reward good behavior.  Some of the methods used to acknowledge positive behavior are:

            1.   Classroom rewards: Praise and Stickers for good work

            2.   Citizenship awards

            3.   Perfect Attendance awards

            4.   Student Council recognition of peers

            5.   Positive comments to parents

            6.   Report Cards and academic recognition

            7.   Special end of the year field trip

            8.   Special assemblies

            9.   Reading Incentive Programs

Positive Behavior Rewards

As we all know, not all children have the ability to attain the academic achievements that produce positive attention and rewards; however, we are in a position to reward those students who enhance the learning environment by simply being well-behaved, kind and courteous students.

There will be positive reinforcement for good behavior.  Students caught doing something good will receive a "Gold Slip (citing a particular positive behavior).  Each student receiving a gold slip will be eligible for a special prize.  



Have courage




Take Responsibility

Honor Roll

Grenada School stresses academics.  Honor Roll awards are given each quarter in grades four through eight.  The following subjects are considered in determining who qualifies for the honor roll:  reading, math, language arts, spelling, social studies, health and science and P.E.  A student must maintain a "B" average (3.0) grade to qualify for the honor roll.  An "F" in any subject automatically disqualifies a student from the honor roll.  Students qualify as follows:

  •    Principal's list                   4.0 (all A's)
  •    A Honor Roll                     3.6 - 3.9
  •    B Honor Roll                     3.0 - 3.59

Honor Roll Trip Students in 4th through 8th grades who make the honor roll all four quarters qualify for the honor roll trip at the end of the school year.  A final determination of eligibility will be made after midterm progress reports of the fourth quarter. Students must also have good attendance (at least 90% actual attendance rate). There will be a trip for “A” Honor Roll and “B” Honor Roll.