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School Bus Rules


Safe school transportation is considered an integral part of the total educational program. Riding a school bus is a privilege not mandated by the California State Law. The primary purpose of school buses is to safely transport students from home to school and return. We recognize that a safe school bus operation is only possible with the full cooperation of our parents, students, and school staff. A copy of the School Bus Safety Plan is available upon request in the office.

Permission to ride the school bus can be taken away anytime for disruptive or unsatisfactory behavior. All students being transported are under the authority of the bus driver and must obey his/her requests. The school will give drivers full support in all situations. Written permission is required if students diverge from their normal routine.

Schedule and Maps

Private Vehicle Requirements

The Grenada Elementary School District acknowledges the need for responsible private drivers to provide transportation services for numerous school activities that otherwise would not exist without volunteer support.

To ensure that private transportation services will be provided in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner, the following requirements will be met:

1.   The driver must be at least 21 and possess a valid California driver's license.

2.   The driver must be in good physical condition, free of medications that may affect operation of the vehicle.

3.   The vehicle will be in excellent condition and repair.

4.   The vehicle will have a seat belt for each student being transported and the driver will require them to be used. Limitation on the number of students transported is:

o 6 passenger sedans             5 passengers + driver

o station wagons                      8 passengers + driver

o vans                                       8 passengers + driver

o No transporting of more than 8 passengers.

5.   The driver accepts the added responsibility that comes with carrying extra individuals and therefore, will be conscientious in obeying all driving laws and regulations set forth by the State of California.  The California Supreme Court has eliminated the protection of the former California Guest Law; therefore, a guest passenger may sue his/her host owner/driver.

6.   The driver must have an automobile liability insurance policy that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for the State of California and is also responsible for physical damage to their vehicle.  The District's liability insurance does not extend protection to the private driver unless the driver has been deemed a volunteer/employee by the District.

7.   Copies of original Proof of Insurance and current California Driver's License shall be brought to the school office to be copied and kept on file.  Drivers will carry with them an emergency medical card for each student assigned to his/her vehicle.  These emergency medical cards will be provided by the teacher prior to leaving on the trip.

8.   Drivers should plan to travel caravan style, with lights on for safety, and stop only at pre-planned breaks for bathroom, food, etc.


Parents Transporting Students

The school makes every effort to transport students by school bus to school activities.  Sometimes it is necessary to have parents assist in transporting students to events or take students home.  Parents must have on file, in the office, information regarding their up-to-date auto insurance policy, copy of drivers license and DMV driving record in order to transport any students, including their own.  School Driver Certification Forms are available in the school office.  Seat belts are required for each passenger.  Emergency medical cards for each student and first aid kits are taken along.