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Annual Pesticide Notification

GES Handbooks


The Governing Board recognizes that sexual harassment can cause embarrassment, feelings of powerlessness, loss of self-confidence, reduced ability to perform schoolwork, and increased absenteeism or tardiness.Teachers shall discuss this policy with their students in age-appropriate ways and assure them that they need not endure any form of sexual harassment. The Board encourages students or staff to immediately report incidences of sexual harassment to the principal or designee. Each complaint of sexual harassment shall be promptly investigated in a way that respects the privacy of all parties concerned. In no case shall the student be required to resolve the complaint directly with the offending person.


Hate or bigotry acts are not tolerated at Grenada Elementary School. Such acts include intimidation, name-calling, verbal harassment, physical force, or threat of physical force directed against another student, their family or their property, motivated either in whole or in part by hostility to their race, language spoken, color, sex, religion, handicap, national origin, immigration status, age, or political beliefs.  “Bullying” will not be tolerated.

Willful obscene, abusive, or profane language or gestures, including racial, religious, ethnic or sexual slurs constitute unacceptable behavior.  Threats are not a “joke” and will be taken seriously.

Annual Notifications

Annual Notice to Parents/Guardians Signature Form

Education Code (EC) 48980 requires governing boards of local school districts to provide annual notification of their rights regarding certain school activities to parents and legal guardians of minor students. EC 48982 requires that parents sign the notice acknowledging that they have been informed of their rights, but not necessarily indicating that consent to participate in any particular program has been given or withheld and return it to school.

Parent/Student acknowledge receipt of the information listed above: ANNUAL NOTIFICATION SIGN & RETURN FORM

Your signature on the Annual Notification for Sign & Return Form in your registration packet verifies that you have received and understand the information in the Annual Notification to Parents/Guardian Booklet, 2010-11, and agree to abide by the policies of the Grenada Elementary  School District.  Notifications include guidelines on the following topics and hard copies can also be requested from your school site :Read the documents provided below, as required by law, this information is made available annually to you as parents or guardians of a child enrolled in GES.

Student/Parent Handbook 2012-14

Enrollment & Registration Packet

  • Food Nutrition Prepaid Lunch Form
  • Food Nutrition Application
  • Health Services Information (Medication, illness, communicable diseases)
  • Internet/Software Student Acceptable Technology Use Policy
  • Release of Student Information/Photo

Campus Disruption

CALIFORNIA EDUCATION CODE Sections 32211 and 44811: Disruption of class work or extracurricular activities; punishment; exemptions

44811: Any parent, guardian, or other person whose conduct in a place where a school employee is required to be in the course of his or her duties materially disrupts class work or extracurricular activities or involves substantial disorder is guilty of a misdemeanor which is punishable by a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100), by imprisonment in the county jail for a period of not more than 10 days, or both. This section does not apply to any otherwise lawful employee concerted activity, including, but not limited to, picketing and the distribution of handbills.


32211: A request that a person depart from a public school building or public school grounds shall be made by the principal, or the designee of the principal, exclusively on the basis that it appears reasonable to the principal, or the designee of the principal to conclude that the continued presence of the person requested to depart would be disruptive of, or would interfere with, classes or other activities of the public school program. (b) Any person who fails to leave a public school building or public school grounds promptly upon request of the principal of the public school or the designee of the principal made pursuant to subdivision (a) or who, after leaving a public school building or public school grounds pursuant to a request of the principal of the public school, or the designee of the principal, made pursuant to subdivision (a), returns thereto, except pursuant to subdivision (d), within seven days, is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished pursuant to Section 626.8 of the Penal Code.


CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE Section 626.7: Failure to leave campus or facility; wrongful return penalties; notice; exemptions

 If a person who is not a student, officer or employee of a public school, and who is not required by his or her employment to be on the campus or any other facility owned operated, or controlled by the governing board of that school, enters a campus or facility, and it reasonably  appears  that the person is committing any act likely to interfere with the peaceful conduct of the activities of the campus or facility, or has entered the campus or facility for the purpose of committing any such act, the chief administrative officer or his or her designee may direct the person to leave If that person fails to do so or if the person willfully and knowingly reenters upon the campus or facility within thirty days after being directed to leave, or within seven days if the person is a parent or guardian of a student attending that school, he or she is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars ($500), by imprisonment in the county jail for a period of not more than six months, or by both that fine and imprisonment.

Homeless Student Education

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act is Title X, Part C of the No Child Left Behind Act. This legislation ensures that children and youth experiencing homelessness have full and equal access to an appropriate public education and that they experience success in school.
You are guaranteed enrollment in school by the federal McKinney-Vento Act and California state law if you live:
• In a shelter (family, youth or domestic violence shelter; or transitional living program)
•  In a motel, hotel, or weekly rate housing 
•  In a house or apartment with more than one family because of economic hardship or loss 
•  In an abandoned building, in a car, at a campground,  or on the street
•  In temporary foster care or with an adult who is not your parent or guardian 
•  In substandard housing (without electricity, water, or heat) 
•  With friends or family because you are a runaway or an unaccompanied youth 
If you live under any of these conditions, you may enroll or attend school even if you lack:
•  School Records 
•  Legal guardianship papers 
•  A permanent residence 
•  Immunization records or tuberculosis skin-test results 
You may:
•  Participate fully in all school  activities and   Participate fully in all school  activities and programs for which you are able 
•  Continue to attend the school in which you were last enrolled 
•  Receive transportation back to your school of origin 
•  Qualify for child nutrition programs 
For questions or assistance with enrollment, please contact your school office or the District Homeless Liaison at (530)842-8400

Or look on these websites:

Telephone Usage/Cell Phones

GESD permits possession of cell phones (electronic signaling devices) on a school campus but requires that they be turned off and put away during the instructional day.  It does not encourage students to bring them to campus, but understands the wishes of parents to communicate electronically with their children, particularly in an emergency. Students may use the office phones with office staff permission or come to the office and use their cell phone during break or lunch.   If a student uses a cell phone on campus, school officials have the authority to confiscate the device.  The use of camera functions on electronic devices is prohibited on campus.


Parents have the right to inspect their child's records.  The principal should be contacted to arrange a convenient time to inspect the records.


Because the use of alcohol and other drugs adversely affects a student's ability to achieve academically, is physically and emotionally harmful, and has serious and legal consequences, the Grenada Elementary School District Governing Board intends to keep the school alcohol and drug free. Every effort will be made to reduce the chances that our students will begin or continue using alcohol and other drugs. A prevention program that includes instruction, intervention, recovering student support, and enforcement/discipline will be implemented. The Governing Board recognizes that effectively keeping schools alcohol and drug free is a cooperative effort between school, home, and the community.

The Superintendent or designee shall take appropriate action to eliminate possession, use, or sale of alcohol and other drugs and related paraphernalia on school grounds, at school events, or in any situation in which the school is responsible for the conduct and well-being of the students. Students possessing, selling, and/or using alcohol or other related paraphernalia shall be subject to disciplinary procedures which may result in suspension or expulsion.

School authorities may search student and school properties for the possession of alcohol and other drugs as long as such searches are conducted in accordance with law, Board Policy, and administrative regulations.

By State Law, student possession of, or smoking of tobacco, drinking of, or possession of alcoholic products is prohibited. A student found violating this law may be immediately suspended pending disciplinary action.


Ample research has demonstrated that health hazards are associated with the use of tobacco products, including smoking and the breathing of second-hand smoke. therefore, the Governing Board believes it is in the best interest of students, employees, and the general public to prohibit the use of tobacco products anywhere and any time on district property and in district vehicles. The use of tobacco products shall be prohibited on the campus at all times.

By State Law, student possession of, or smoking of tobacco, drinking of, or possession of alcoholic products is prohibited. A student found violating this law may be immediately suspended pending disciplinary action.